As comprehensive practitioners, we strive to deliver the very best that we can for our patients. Too many times, it seems that our best training fails to follow through to the patient committing to treatment. In this 3 day turbocharged workshop, attendees will explore foundational knowledge as well as actual case application as we blend the concepts of communication, treatment planning and occlusion into restorative success.


Advanced Occlusion & Case Planning is an intensive, hands on workshop focused on attendees not only understanding but applying the concepts on actual cases. This is THE workshop that will give you the skills and understanding of how to apply the critical aspects of occlusion to everything from day to day cases all the way up to complex rehabilitation. Making smiles pretty can be easy. Making them last is the challenge.


If you are looking for some impactful, intensive training on a variety of subjects, The Crash Course Series is exactly what you are looking for. Typically one day or day and a half in length, the CCS will help you achieve your learning goals. From communication, case planning, orthotic therapy, recording & mounting, this series is focused on getting the skills into your hands and getting you home!

We will cover topics such as: Recording & Mounting,  Outcome Based Treatment Planning, DAASA Orthotic Fabrication Workshop, and Communication & Case Acceptance.